Alaska withholds public voting records!

State denies Democrats access to election records
(January 23, 2006) The Alaska Democratic Party says there are major discrepancies in the numbers from the 2004 election. However, the State Division of Elections has denied access to the public records that would verify the election’s accuracy.

They claim the electronic computer file that contains all the final vote tallies is proprietary information belonging to Diebold Election Systems. That company is a contractor for the voting process in Alaska and other states.

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  1. Thank you for posting the info about our Diebold Disaster in Alaska.

    This could be the reason former 2-term Mayor of Anchorage and 2-term Governor of Alaska (D) Tony Knowles is contemplating a 3rd term this coming November. He will finally be able to get someone to look into this mess!

    The Anchorage Daily News ran a good article about Diebold today, 1-24-06 – and the Democratic Party of Alaska also issued a press release:

    Thanks so much for you do! Alaskan

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