Abramoff, Bob Ney and ELECTIONGATE!

The Soon-to-be-Indicted Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio’s Connection To Electoral Fraud
The Dots Connect Between Abramoff, Ohio 2004 Election Smokescreen and Ney’s Former Staffer Revealed to be on Diebold’s Payroll While Working for White House Law Firm
All the While as HAVA — America’s ‘Election Reform’ Bill — is Used for Political Payoff in the Bargain…

There’s been a great deal of speculation over the last several days, particularly in the light of Jack Abramoff’s recent guilty pleas, concerning the connection of Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) to Election Fraud in Ohio, and indeed, vis a vis his stewardship and authoring of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) back in 2001 and 2002. The heavy-handed tactics he has taken since then in order to keep the flawed act from being changed in any way over the years, along with the great lengths he’s gone to in order to keep the nation’s eyes off of massive electile dysfunction in Ohio and elsewhere since 2004 may finally soon get the attention it all properly deserves.

Connections revealed by The BRAD BLOG between thousands of dollars paid by Voting Machine Company, Diebold, Inc. to Ney’s former chief of staff David DiStefano just scratch the surface of the direct relationships between various monied and political interests to Ohio’s big man on Capitol Hill.

And as the spotlight of corruption has finally begun to shine bright and clear in the Mainstream Media onto Ney, renewed interest in his support and authorship of HAVA itself — along with the connections between that legislation, chicanery in Ohio’s Election, Abramoff and several other GOP operative and lobbying firms’ merry band of pay-for-players — are helping to bubble up towards the surface a few previously overlooked, but important, details that may finally now receive the attention they always deserved from the Mainstream Media…

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