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CT-Sen: Lieberman freaking out about Lamont
by kos
Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 02:03:01 PM PDT
Connecticut Local Politics blog has a short Q&A with Ned Lamont, who will be challenging Joe Lieberman in an August primary.
Lamont is not a fringe candidate, and this isn’t a hopeless battle. Uphill, yeah. Improbable, yup. But not hopeless. And given that he’s promised to spend 7-figures of his own money, as well as possible support from DfA and MoveOn, and we’ve got ourselves quite an epic showdown brewing. Old world politics versus new. Insurance and corporate interests versus people-power. A Fox News Democrat versus a real one.
From the Q&A:

I believe that we as the Democratic party should and I as a senator would push back against some terrible policies, starting with the wrong headed invasion of Iraq and ill-advised tax cuts, and stand up forcefully for a Democratic agenda, which includes healthcare reform, education reform, and energy conservation. The Senator can speak for himself; I would oppose the nomination of Judge Alito since he jeopardizes a woman’s right to choose, I would oppose education vouchers since they undermine our commitment to our public school system, I would have strongly opposed federal intervention in the Terri Shiavo case, I would have pushed for energy conservation and bio fuels as a better alternative than the liquefied natural gas plant in LI Sound; I would oppose diverting social security taxes into private accounts, and I would replace American troops on the front lines in Iraq with Iraqi troops as the first step towards bringing our troops home.

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