A new party?

Reforming the Democrats — Or a Third Party?
By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

The Democratic Party, with its current cast of characters in charge, has refused time after time to stand up and fight for its underlying principles. Its recent incoherent or wimpy positions on the Iraq War, electoral fraud and the Alito nomination make clear that it’s stuck in a self-destructive rut and isn’t terribly eager (or can’t figure out how) to climb out of it.

As I see it, we have two options in dealing with this deficient, bumbling, weak-kneed crew. 1) We get rid of them, work to take over the party from the grassroots up (similar to what the Republicans did after the Goldwater debacle of ’64), and eventually bring some coherence and dynamic initiatives back into the party. Or, 2) We give up on the Democrats as an embarrassing joke, and begin thinking seriously about joining with others, similarly disenchanted with
the political choices offerred, and found a viable third party.

There is another option: doing nothing, just continuing on as a rag-tag, undisciplined, weak OINO — that’s “Opposition In Name Only.” But I think we all know that simply makes no sense. Being rolled regularly by the Republicans, or refusing to fight them in ways other than symbolic, gets old real fast.

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Why is it that nobody really gets it?

It’s not the people, it’s the system.

Until we change our system of government to take the money and profit motive out of it, then all politicians, regardless of party, as up for the higest bidder and they all have their price that can be met.

All politicians in our federal government now, regardless of party affiliation, represent the big money that they need to get elected and stay in office, rather than the American people at large.

Unless we change this, nothing will change.

Of course fair elections are a part of it, but that itself is a factor of how the system operates.

We have to fix the system, not keep switching out the people who exploit it for their own benefit at the cost of the rest of us, and they all do.

Fresno, CA

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