Vast GOP money-laundering operation!

It takes a lot of dough to steal a national election. This could be how they did it.

From Glenn Z.:

Ladies & Germs,

You probably remember me from my previous panicky “Downing Street Minutes” email blast. I try to keep cattle-calls to a minimum, but I think there’s a piece of breaking news that deserves your attention. Last month’s revelations about Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham and his ugly relationship with corrupt defense contractors came as no surprise to those of us who have been awake during the last five years, but they certainly seem to have caught the public’s imagination at long last. Add in the present and pending “Plamegate” indictments and the indictments of Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, and we have an American populace that’s beginning to wake up to the thread of corruption that weaves through the entire Republican political system.

Well, I think it’s about to get even worse for our friends on the Right side of the aisle. Interpid blogger Joseph Cannon has been doing the work that the Congress and the media refuse to do and he has stumbled upon something that, in my mind, may prove to be even bigger and more embarrassing than the Abramoff-funded network. Cannon took a deeper look at the network that fed and clothed Duke Cunningham and discovered that the corruption extends waaaaaaaaay beyond Cunningham. In fact, it appears that a large defense contractor may not even be a defense contractor, but rather a clearing-house for defense dollars received in good faith from defense appropriations bills and distributed to (gasp) GOP politicians. That’s right: the contractor was a shell company that received YOUR and MY tax dollars for defense goods and services and merely disbursed the money as political contributions to Henry Bonilla, Roy Brown, Rick Clayburgh, Duke Cunningham, John T. Doolittle, Maria Guadalupe Garcia, George W. Gekas, Lindsay Graham, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Samuel Johnson, Thaddeus G. McCotter, Constance Morella, Devin Nune, Steve Pearce, Bill Van de Weghe Jr., Jerry Weller, President Bush, Katherine Harris, Tom Delay, Virgil Goode Jr. and Elizabeth Dole to name just a few. Do you notice anything in common with these names? They’re all Republicans. And believe it or not, no Democrats appear to be involved. So please resist the temptation to brush this away as another case of “they’re all corrupt.” This is a new breed of corruption, unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Just so you can be in on the ground-floor of a developing scandal, here it is.

or, for those of you whose mail-programs break URLs,

Read it and vomit. Let’s hope this starts a fire. Don’t let the fact that this is coming from a blog dissuade you; that’s how most real news starts nowadays. I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this elsewhere soon. Tell all your friends!

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