Those machines were nixed in Ireland!

The Liberty DRE, now considered for adoption in New York, does not have a good record.

From reader:

You have to wonder what maschinations are going on that politicians would even consider such a flawed voting system.

Here is the truth about the Liberty DRE:

“Liberty implies that the NEDAP PowerVote has had only smooth sailing in Europe. This is decidedly not the case in the Republic of Ireland (see attached). The government spent nearly $60 million on PowerVote equipment and it was intended that they be used for the June, 2004 local and European Parliament elections. An Independent Commission on Electronic Voting investigated this system and said it could not recommend its use because of security and accuracy concerns, whereupon it was not used for that election. Presently, the Irish government says it is ‘most unlikely’ that these systems will be used for the 2007 general election. In fact, they may not be used for several years. The machines are now being stored at an annual expense of over

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  1. Whenever I hear about these voting machines, and how much better than the old system they are “supposed” to be, I’m reminded of an old anectdote.

    During the space race, America spent countless milions of tax payer dollars on a quest to perfect a pen for US astronauts, which would write even when upside down.

    The Russians used pencils.

    Moral of the story ? If it ain’t broke why bother trying to fix it?

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