The Ohio mystery

From Ilene P.:

Look at yesterday’s NYT: Big article on how critical Ohio is to Dems regaining power, not a whiff about the voting problems there.

Question for the pros:

Do big D.C. Dems not address the machines problem because they are the party beholden to voter turnout, and they think openly talking about the machines will hurt turnout? It’s an Escher sketch indeed, if true.

“Democrats Sense Chances in Ohio for 2006 Vote” (NYT, 12/3/05)

“All political roads lead to Ohio in 2006,” said Charlie Cook, the editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report in Washington. “First, there is almost no way Democrats can get control of the Senate back without beating DeWine. Second, it’s going to be one of the best chances Democrats have to pick up a governorship, and a big governorship, not just any old governorship. And third, it’s the state with the most vulnerable Republican House seats in the country.”

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