STOP Hans von Spakovsky NOW!

Call your senators! Raise holy hell!

From Susan G.: This is something so far under the radar that calls to Chuck and Hillary (or Kerry and Kennedy) will probably really be noticed because they will be shocked that anyone bothered. Please call.

Bush to nominate voter suppression specialist to the FEC
by david blue
Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 07:21:48 AM PDT

A big hat tip to Rick Hasen who noticed this White House press release (buried in the Friday night trash). President Bush is going to nominate Hans von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission.


Well, Hans von Spakovsky is a long-time activist in “voting integrity.” Translated, he is a long-time activist in keeping people away from the polls. His ideas led to the notorious purge of Florida’s voting rolls before the 2000 election in which thousands of mostly-eligible, mostly-Democratic, and mostly-minority voters were removed from the voting lists. Von Spakovsky also was a volunteer for Bush in the Florida recount. Want more? It’s all here.

This guy is a disaster. There is no way he should be on the FEC. FEC Commissioners are subject to Senate approval, so write or call your Senator.

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