So much for that great plague of "voter fraud"

DECEMBER 14, 2005
10:46 AM

CONTACT: Project Vote
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Michael Slater, Project Vote, 503-375-9377

One Year Later: Results of 2004 Voter Fraud Investigations Give Vote Groups a Clean Slate
Community Group ACORN Vindicated as Baseless Lawsuits, Investigations Collapse

WASHINGTON – December 14 – Today, Project Vote congratulated the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on the dismissal of the third and final voter registration fraud lawsuit brought against the group in 2004. ACORN, in partnership with Project Vote, ran the largest non-partisan voter outreach program in the 2004 election cycle, registering 1.15 million low-income and minority citizens in 26 states and contacting 2.3 million through Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. In 2004, several politically motivated law firms brought baseless charges of voter registration fraud against ACORN in an effort to inhibit its work to register low-income and minority voters.

“For twenty years, we have worked with ACORN to ensure the voices of low-income and minority Americans are heard at the ballot box,” said Holli Holliday, National Director of Project Vote. “We have complete confidence in ACORN’s quality control process and are not at all surprised these lawsuits and investigations have collapsed. Today, we celebrate this as a victory for voters.”

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