Rich Lang on "Ring of Fire" today, tomorrow

Greetings folks,

Just a FYI …. I’m on Air America this weekend on the Ring of Fire Show (with Mike Papantonio … the show is co-hosted by Bobby Kennedy Jr.) … We are talking about Christian Fascism and the state of the church. I think it might prove interesting.

There might be a problem hearing the interview.
a.) it might be pre-empted by a Cougar basketball game
b.) the show is two hours but only one hour in Seattle

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a live-body at the local station to tell me whether or not it will air as everyone seems to have been raptured. Ah well.

You can access the show in Seattle on KPTK 1090am Saturday at 5-6pm. If, for whatever reason, the show is not aired, you can access the interview on the Ring of Fire site ( next week.

For you computer whizs the show can be accessed live Saturdays 5-7(EST) or rebroadcast Sunday 3-5pm (EST).

Rich Lang

0 thoughts on “Rich Lang on "Ring of Fire" today, tomorrow”

  1. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a live-body at the local station to tell me whether or not it will air as everyone seems to have been raptured. Ah well.”

    Hysterical. Thanks for the heads up.

    Also, Mark, would you agree that maybe it’s time to ratchet up the collective awareness on what appears to be the looming war strategies against Iran and possibly elsewhere…especially after that gets underway?

    I realize it sounds *ye gads*, conspiritiorial, however, there is a rather disturbing picture that forms when considering the Establishment/Right’s “apocalyptic” approach/agenda to..well, to everything; foreign and domestic policy, environmental and economic policy, PNAC warring plans, the frightening similarities between the Armageddon/theocratic outlooks within the various governments/dictators, etc. here and in the Arab world.

    It’s as if they’re thinking, “Why bother since EVERYTHING is going to be drastically different in a short time?”

    It seems that the more people here that can [possibly] be shaken out of complacency regarding what’s likely around the corner may make it at least slightly more difficult for the Powers That Be to as effectively cook up another counterfeit justification for further murder, death and misery …you know, “family values.”

    Happy New Year all….

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