Protect democracy in Bucks County, PA

Group will challenge voting machine move
The Intelligencer

A local citizens group is planning legal challenges to the federal law that’s forcing Bucks and many other counties to replace their voting machines.

Mary Ann Gould, a founder of the Coalition for Voting Integrity, said Monday her group has started a legal fund to help get a court to allow Bucks to keep its Eisenhower-era lever-operated machines or to delay the implementation of new machines for at least a year.

She acknowledged that getting a court to allow either option could be difficult.

“We’re David going against Goliath,” she said. “But just remember who won.”

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  1. Travelling through the web it is easy to come across something useful that you weren’t looking for. In looking for something on the Diebold story I wound up here.I am glad that brought me here to this article as I am a resident of Bucks Co. and was unaware of this.

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