Make Congress help Katrina's victims before Christmas!

From Beth F.:

My friends, this was put together by the Katrina Survivors Forum at DU. Please don’t let the House recess until they take care of funding the reconstruction. Enjoy the video and please send it everywhere. Peace, Beth and Doug

Watch “Do They Know Its Christmas?”

Click on the link, then on the orange ‘download’ button, then on the ‘Download the file now’ link. Note: Downloads have been ‘sticky’ today. If you have trouble, please try back later/tomorrow. We are seeking additional hosts!

Our American brothers and sisters need:
Food. Housing. Jobs. Healthcare. Hope!

Tell Congress: We will not forget.
Release Funds to Hurricane Survivors Now!
Call Congress Toll Free: 1-800-426-8073

This is the LAST week before Christmas Break to get Congress to act.

Our Goal: Get the link to this video onto 100’s of websites and into 100,000’s of email inboxes. Please help!! Send the link far and wide!!

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