Help Mark Manning get the truth out re: Fallujah

From: Tonia Young
Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 1:41 PM
To: Topanga Peace Alliance
Subject: Fwd: Urgent assistance needed for Mark Manning

Dear Friends,
Filmmaker Mark Manning is not one to ask for help, however he really needs our support. What ever financial support you can give, it will go a long way toward getting the truth out to the American public about how our government ordered the destruction the holy city of Falluja immediately after the ’04 presidential election was claimed by Bush.

With appreciation,
Topanga Peace Alliance

—–Original Message—–
From: Mansoor
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2005 11:58 AM
Subject: Fwd: Urgent assistance needed for Mark Manning

Dear friends,

Holiday greetings to all.

First and foremost, allow me to apologize to you if you are receiving this e-mail twice–it is not meant to be so.

We need your help and financial assistance more than ever.

Our friend, in life and struggle, Mark Manning is in dire need of getting new equipment to continue his work on making his new documentary film, “American Voices,” a journey across the USA on their thoughts on “war on terror” as well as his full-length documentary, “The Road to Fallujah.” As a completely independent filmmaker, he went to Iraq on his own and completed the documentary, “Caught in the Crossfire,” about the destruction of Fallujah by the U.S. forces in 2004-2005–the first seige on Fallujah. For your information, Mark was the guest speaker at the AWARE event in Long Beach, CA on Nov. 12, 2005 to screen his film which brought in a crowd of 200 people. For those who are not familiar with Long Beach, that is a revolution in this city. Mark has been on KPFK many times through our efforts to get the word out on his project. The work Mark has done and continues to do is so important to getting the truth out about what is being done in Iraq in our name. His tools are his video camera and his computer equipment.

On Sunday, November 13th as Mark was taking a much-needed break at the beach, surfing close to Santa Barbara, on his way home, his car was broken into and the only thing that was “stolen” out of his car was his laptop–which had the latest data from Iraq on it. This theft hinders the progress of Mark’s work on his “American Voices” and “Road to Fallujah” documentaries that he is currently trying to get into production.

But it gets worse. Within the last two days we found out that Mark’s home computer with all of his editing software has been hit. For “some odd reason” all of the main components (motherboards, video cards, etc.) got “fried” at the same time, even though he has surge protection hardware in place–and only his computer alone and nothing else in the house was affected. Mark’s work is at a standstill.

We spoke with Mark yesterday, and his spirits are very low, although he is maintaining his typically zen-like spiritual perspective of the situation and taking some time to rest.

We, Jeanne and I, are collecting donations toward the replacement of Mark’s stolen laptop, case, and software, as well as the repair or replacement of his home computer, total value approximately $8,000.

Please send a much-needed donation to help forward the production of the groundbreaking work that Mark is doing. Several generous supporters have already contributed $100 each, and we are requesting as generous a donation as you can give: $100, $50, or any generous amount that you are able to contribute will be greatly appreciated.

It takes your great financial generosity to carry on the struggle that we are part and parcel to. Give a bit more if it is within your means! This is our only hope. It is of utmost importance to fulfill this goal. (If you wish to remain anonymous, you can get a money order and forward it to us without revealing any of your information.)

Please make checks or money orders payable to MARK MANNING.

We will deposit funds directly into his bank account.

Please mail your donations to:

Jeanne Kyle
1718 East Erie Street
Long Beach CA 90802

Attached is text you can print or edit to enclose with a gift card to friends in whose name you may make a donation. You can further help the cause by purchasing the Caught in the Crossfire DVD for $25. To learn more about Mark Manning’s work and get involved, visit his web site at

(Please let us know if you make a donation via Mark Manning’s web site.)

Take part in this struggle to bring Peace and Justice to the front lines,


Jeanne Kyle
AWARE in Long Beach

Mansoor Sabbagh
Global Voice for Justice

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  1. Howard Roberts

    A Seven-point plan for an Exit Strategy in Iraq

    1) A timetable for the complete withdrawal of American and British forces must be announced.
    I envision the following procedure, but suitable fine-tuning can be applied by all the people involved.

    A) A ceasefire should be offered by the Occupying side to representatives of both the Sunni insurgency and the Shiite community. These representatives would be guaranteed safe passage, to any meetings. The individual insurgency groups would designate who would attend.
    At this meeting a written document declaring a one-month ceasefire, witnessed by a United Nations authority, will be fashioned and eventually signed. This document will be released in full, to all Iraqi newspapers, the foreign press, and the Internet.
    B) US and British command will make public its withdrawal, within sixth-months of 80 % of their troops.

    C) Every month, a team of United Nations observers will verify the effectiveness of the ceasefire.
    All incidences on both sides will be reported.

    D) Combined representative armed forces of both the Occupying nations and the insurgency organizations that agreed to the cease fire will protect the Iraqi people from actions by terrorist cells.

    E) Combined representative armed forces from both the Occupying nations and the insurgency organizations will begin creating a new military and police force. Those who served, without extenuating circumstances, in the previous Iraqi military or police, will be given the first option to serve.

    F) After the second month of the ceasefire, and thereafter, in increments of 10-20% ,a total of 80% will be withdrawn, to enclaves in Qatar and Bahrain. The governments of these countries will work out a temporary land-lease housing arrangement for these troops. During the time the troops will be in these countries they will not stand down, and can be re-activated in the theater, if both the chain of the command still in Iraq, the newly formed Iraqi military, the leaders of the insurgency, and two international ombudsman (one from the Arab League, one from the United Nations), as a majority, deem it necessary.

    G) One-half of those troops in enclaves will leave three-months after they arrive, for the United States or other locations, not including Iraq.

    H) The other half of the troops in enclaves will leave after six-months.

    I) The remaining 20 % of the Occupying troops will, during this six month interval, be used as peace-keepers, and will work with all the designated organizations, to aid in reconstruction and nation-building.

    J) After four months they will be moved to enclaves in the above mentioned countries.
    They will remain, still active, for two month, until their return to the States, Britain and the other involved nations.

    2) At the beginning of this period the United States will file a letter with the Secretary General of the Security Council of the United Nations, making null and void all written and proscribed orders by the CPA, under R. Paul Bremer. This will be announced and duly noted.

    3) At the beginning of this period all contracts signed by foreign countries will be considered in abeyance until a system of fair bidding, by both Iraqi and foreign countries, will be implemented ,by an interim Productivity and Investment Board, chosen from pertinent sectors of the Iraqi economy.
    Local representatives of the 18 provinces of Iraq will put this board together, in local elections.

    4) At the beginning of this period, the United Nations will declare that Iraq is a sovereign state again, and will be forming a Union of 18 autonomous regions. Each region will, with the help of international experts, and local bureaucrats, do a census as a first step toward the creation of a municipal government for all 18 provinces. After the census, a voting roll will be completed. Any group that gets a list of 15% of the names on this census will be able to nominate a slate of representatives. When all the parties have chosen their slates, a period of one-month will be allowed for campaigning.
    Then in a popular election the group with the most votes will represent that province.
    When the voters choose a slate, they will also be asked to choose five individual members of any of the slates.
    The individuals who have the five highest vote counts will represent a National government.
    This whole process, in every province, will be watched by international observers as well as the local bureaucrats.

    During this process of local elections, a central governing board, made up of United Nations, election governing experts, insurgency organizations, US and British peacekeepers, and Arab league representatives, will assume the temporary duties of administering Baghdad, and the central duties of governing.

    When the ninety representatives are elected they will assume the legislative duties of Iraq for two years.

    Within three months the parties that have at least 15% of the representatives will nominate candidates for President and Prime Minister.

    A national wide election for these offices will be held within three months from their nomination.

    The President and the Vice President and the Prime Minister will choose their cabinet, after the election.

    5) All debts accrued by Iraq will be rescheduled to begin payment, on the principal after one year, and on the interest after two years. If Iraq is able to handle another loan during this period she should be given a grace period of two years, from the taking of the loan, to comply with any structural adjustments.

    6) The United States and the United Kingdom shall pay Iraq reparations for its invasion in the total of 120 billion dollars over a period of twenty years for damages to its infrastructure. This money can be defrayed as investment, if the return does not exceed 6.5 %.

    7) During the beginning period Saddam Hussein and any other prisoners who are deemed by a Council of Iraqi Judges, elected by the National representative body, as having committed crimes will be put up for trial.
    The trial of Saddam Hussein will be before seven judges, chosen from this Council of Judges.
    One judge, one jury, again chosen by this Council, will try all other prisoners.
    All defendants will have the right to present any evidence they want, and to choose freely their own lawyers.

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