ES&S machines screwed up in California!

On Election Day last month! So Diebold’s not the only one….

UNCOVERED: CA Sec. of State Threatened Decertification for ES&S After Failures in Recent Election!
Letter from SoS to Voting Machine Co. Warns of Numerous Problems Discovered on Touch-Screen, Optical Scan Machines!
State Senator Outraged, Comments to BRAD BLOG, Calls for Full Release of Information by State!…And Releases Statement on Related Matters…

Holy cow…perhaps this explains why California Sec. of State Bruce McPherson suddenly started turning inexplicably back to Diebold some time around mid-November of this year after having decertified them already back in 2004, and then finding them to have failed massively in a recent mock election test over the summer.

AP’s Juliet Williams reports today on a letter written by McPherson’s office to voting machine vendor, Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S) after the recent Special Election here on Nov. 8th. The letter documents a number of very serious problems discovered on ES&S voting equipment during the election. Apparently the SoS threatened ES&S with decertification in the bargain, similar to the one Diebold faced in the state back in 2004 under the previous Sec. of State Kevin Shelley.

Documented (and video-taped!) problems include touch-screen votes being registering for different candidates, software incorrectly reporting total turnout figures, and touch-screen display problems “making it impossible” for voters to correctly confirm their choices!

State Senator Debra Bowen comments to BRAD BLOG wondering why we’ve “been in the dark” about problems with ES&S for five weeks (while CA has been in the final process of selecting new voting equipement!), and she calls on McPherson to release all related information on the matter immediately…

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