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I called Anna Martinez at the DNC (202 863-8000) who is responsible for voting rights issues. Talked with her for about half and hour. She was receptive but very guarded about what Dean and the DNC would be doing about rigged elections. Of course she cited the party line about the investigations conducted by the DNC and that they have lawyers working on a “message”. She also said it hadn’t been proven that the elections had been stolen and that they were working on fixing “irregularities” through legislation. Of course, she had no alternative but to quote the party line.

I told her so long as they work on “message” without talking with you and Fitrakis and Bev Harris, nothing was going to happen and that Dems would lose 2006 and 2008 not only because of stolen elections but because people would refuse to vote for Democrats.

I think part of the strategy must be for people to call the DNC, Kerry’s office, Reid’s, Pelosi’s, etc. The more phone calls they’re flooded with the more responsive they may become. If it’s clear that money and votes are drying up they’ll have to rethink sitting on their hands. What will they fear more: the GOP attack machine and echo chamber or the indignation of core progressives. If the purse strings are pulled their hands may be forced, unless they go the Denny Hoyer way and start a feeding frenzy again at the corporate trough.

What do you think about putting out the word on your site to encourage people to call the DNC and leading Democrats. The more calls and emails the better. This is only one part of the strategy, but it can be an important part of it.

Robert C.
Richmond CA

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