Bob Barr says what the Democrats would say

if they were democrats.

CNN’s Situation Room
Aired December 16, 2005 – 19:00 ET

BLITZER: Americans spying on Americans. In a story first reported today by the “New York Times” and confirmed by our own sources here at CNN, President Bush is said to have authorized the super secret National Security Agency to conduct electronic eavesdropping here at home. The president is saying only that he won’t discuss ongoing intelligence operations.

Joining us now are two conservative Republicans who have very different views on this issue. From Atlanta, the former Congressman and CNN contributor, Bob Barr, and from Capitol Hill, California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Congressman Barr, what’s wrong with what the president has decided to do?

BOB BARR, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: What’s wrong with it is several-fold. One, it’s bad policy for our government to be spying on American citizens through the National Security Agency. Secondly, it’s bad to be spying on Americans without court oversight. And thirdly, it’s bad to be spying on Americans apparently in violation of federal laws against doing it without court order.

So it’s bad all around, and we need to get to the bottom of this. BLITZER: Do you agree, Congressman Rohrabacher — I suspect you don’t.

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  1. Dems just serve their respective roles to the whole ‘good cop-bad cop’ ruse. That’s why they as a collective won’t dive in, state the OBVIOUS, and get that many more to rally their supposed cause. It’s all a show, like “pro” wrestling; there’s always a predetermined outcome, which explains why 24/7 “news” propaganda keeps repeating these elusive poll figures about Americans not liking what the repug party is doing, yet equally don’t favor dem’s and their “fuzzy” lack-of-planning.

    The plan is intentionally, strategically fuzzy as not to allow the right to appear as insanely criminal and unconscionable as they by and large are.

    Regarding the surveillance issues: it’s hysterical how bit by bit, various aspects of what used to be termed “flakey conspiracy theories” filter their way into mainline propaganda, as the producers of it realize that there is such a boiling tidal wave of the public’s awareness of unconstitutional and treasonous horror’s swelling up across the land that they serve as better propagandists by allowing some of the “nuttier” stories through.

    A little background on Echelon:

  2. “The ECHELON system is fairly simple in design: position intercept stations all over the world to capture all satellite, microwave, cellular and fiber-optic communications traffic, and then process this information through the massive computer capabilities of the NSA, including advanced voice recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) programs, and look for code words or phrases (known as the ECHELON “Dictionary”) that will prompt the computers to flag the message for recording and transcribing for future analysis. Intelligence analysts at each of the respective “listening stations” maintain separate keyword lists for them to analyze any conversation or document flagged by the system, which is then forwarded to the respective intelligence agency headquarters that requested the intercept.”

    Source: Free Congress Foundation, May 8, 1998, Volume 1, Number 12

    Federation of American Scientists
    Project on Government Secrecy

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