A call for articles

From Joan Brunwasser:

I began my new job as voting integrity editor for Op Ed News this week. I say ‘job’ but that’s making a bigger deal out of it than it is. I’m helping Op Ed News with stories on the voting integrity front. Apparently, there’s a bit of wiggle room and I can also submit articles of interest (by others, as well as myself).

I am particularly interested in two things: if you read articles that discuss issues of the day in a cogent fashion, whether they’re specifically on voting issues or not, please forward them to me. I may be able to get some additional coverage for them.

Also, I’m looking for good news: new bits, stories, anecdotes, whatever. If you visit the Op Ed News website, which I hope you will (www.opednews.com), you will see the one that was sent to me today (Folded Napkin). It seems to me that people who take what is going on now seriously are deluged with bad news. It gets very
overwhelming and discouraging. But, amidst all the bad news, there are also moments of joy and wonder that are worth sharing. So, please do!

According to Rob Kall, of Op Ed News, the website gets between 250,000 and 350,000 visitors each month is one of 4,500 official Google news websites (no easy feat). Articles get a LOT of exposure there. I’m also looking for original articles (never published anywhere) which Op Ed News will print with an exclusive for 48-72 hours. From there, they can be picked up by various other websites, as we have seen with the three articles on “Invisible Ballots”. They reached numerous other outlets including Brad Blog, the Smirking Chimp, Dissident Voice, True Blue Liberal, Voters Unite, the Velvet Revolution, and more.

So, all of you out there: keep your eyes peeled and send me what you find. I’m not promising anything, but if the article meets Rob’s criteria, I will do my best to get it printed. Short and upbeat articles are particularly welcome!

Best wishes,
Joan Brunwasser, Voting Integrity Editor for Op Ed News

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  1. http://www.geocities.com/electionmodel/TruthIsAllPollingSimulation.mht

    It’s for those who say: “Math was my worst subject in high school”.
    If you’ve ever placed a bet at the casino or race track,
    or played the lottery, you already know the basics.
    It’s about probability.
    It’s about common sense.
    It’s not all that complicated.

    It’s for individuals who have taken algebra, probability and statistics and want to see how they apply to election polling.

    It’s for graduates with degrees in mathematics, political science, an MBA, etc. who may or may not be familiar with simulation concepts. Simulation is a powerful tool for analyzing uncertainty- be it coin flipping or election polling.

    It’s for Excel spreadsheet users who enjoy creating math models.

    It’s for writers, blogs and politicians who seek the truth:
    Robert Koehler, Brad from BradBlog, John Conyers, Barbara Boxer, Mark Miller, Fitrakis, Wasserman, USCV, Dopp, Freeman, Baiman, Simon, Alistair Thompson, Krugman, Keith Olberman, Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes,
    Stephanie Miller, etc.

    It’s for Netizens who frequent Discussion Forums.

    It’s for those in the Media who are still waiting for editor approval to discuss documented incidents of vote spoilage, vote switching and vote suppression in recent elections and which are confirmed by impossible pre-election and exit poll deviations from the recorded vote.

    It’s for naysayers who promote faith-based hypotheticals in their unrelenting attempts to debunk the accuracy of the pre-election and exit polls.

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