California's screaming!!

Help, everyone! Send your Diebold protest & Call/Fax to STOP SOS McPherson

Friends around the country,

We need your voices with us. If California goes Diebold, we are in terrible, terrible trouble. It’s great if you call from out of state – tell them, “No way Diebold!” The office of Bruce McPherson, CA SOS is polling our calls: 916-653-6814 (main menu, press 6, then 3)

A small group of activists are valiantly protesting in Sacramento today, Monday, 11/21. It’s David vs. Goliath time, and we must show that we are many, many Davids. Please, don’t leave this for someone else to do . Save our (and your) VOTE!

The awesome folks at PEN have set up an extremely efficient way for Californians to send a protest to our congressional reps., and to the paper of our choice.

Let’s leave no stone unturned, or unslung. We only have until the 28th. Thanks!

ACTION #1 – Email your Reps!


Please copy the letter below and FAX to the SoS at : 916-653-3214
They ignore and delete E-Mails- So Please Fax as this the most effective presentation
Make copies and ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers to also TAKE ACTION.

(here below.)

BRUCE McPHERSON, Secretary of State
fax: 916-653-3214

1500 11 th Street
Sacramento, Calif. 95814


As a California citizen, I hereby demand that certification status be denied to Diebold based on the following criteria:

1. SoS is in violation of Section 505 of the Systems Procedures-as the VSPP no longer exists, a system cannot be approved by a non-existent VSPP.

2. Failure of the Diebold AVVPAT to be compliant with the State Jan. 21, 2005 AVVPAT Standards, in violation of SB1438, and not suitable for use as an AVVPAT-The Diebold AVVPAT fails all readability standards, cannot be read by people with less than perfect eyesight, is thermal paper, and has no guarantee as being able to maintain its integrity as a valid recount paper ballot of record over the Federally mandated 22 month retention period. Further, the configuration of the excess paper roll exceeding the storage capacity of the storage canister is a blueprint for polling site and storage problems.

3. Internet connectivity and compliance to AB1636- The Remote Access feature of the GEMS is not adequately controlled.

4. Fails to comply with the April 30, 2004 decertification orders and cannot permit a meaningful recount. The proprietary closed source code complexity, secrecy and protection status of the software of the Diebold system precludes and prevents any meaningful legal thorough forensic analysis and recount of any election run on Diebold equipment. There have been many numerous litigation filings against Diebold, and the discovery process for forensic examination of Diebold software is nothing but an extension of the basic recount procedure. Such denial of the public’s right to have a clear and transparent voting process is antithetical to the very foundation of American Democracy.

5. Failure of the SoS to address and acknowledge the documented accounts of detailed and extensive examination of malicious software programs and problems and massive security vulnerabilities in Diebold equipment, such as the Compuware report, the GAO report, and the Black Box Voting accounts.

6. Application of Election Code 19214.5 barring Diebold from doing business in California, due to their sale of uncertified software and equipment.

From: (name & address)

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