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From: “Norma”
Subject: CA: The “Special” Election FYI

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From: Jackie Goldberg
Subject: The “Special” Election

Hi everyone-There are only four weeks to go until the
so-called “special” election. And the big worry is
that only reactionary people will vote! I can tell
you for a fact, that this may be one of the more
important California elections in recent years.

You see, the corporate take-over of California is what
is being proposed. Several of the Governor’s
measures, all sponsored and paid for by members of the
corporate elite of California and the United States
have several goals. First and foremost they do NOT
want to be bothered having to work with the pesky
legislature. So, they propose something they call
“Live within your means.” This measure makes the
Governor a King where matters of money are concerned.
It also trashes the Prop. 98 guarantee for Public
Education. What that means is that the Governor can
unilaterally determine how to cut the budget if the
legislature cannot get a 2/3 vote to do so. And that
means that the Republicans will NEVER vote for a
budget if there is a Republican Governor who will be
able to cut anything he wants, however he wants,
without the approval of the legislature. It means
that the legislature is irrelevant to the budget

Regardless of what you feel about the current
Governor, it is not hard to believe that at some time,
some Governor will slash health care, human services,
and public education because he/she needs no one to
approve. Checks and balances were set into the
California constitution to prevent one-man rule. This
election could overturn this.

Then, of course there is the redrawing of district
election lines. No state uses retired judges. In
fact almost all of them do it the way we in California
currently do it. That is the legislature, with the
signature of the Governor, writes a plan every ten
years. Both sides have to agree. When they cannot
agree, a lawsuit puts it into court, and then an
active judge will make the changes necessary to make
it fair. Think about retired judges. Currently
almost all of them are going to be Anglo males,
largely drawn from the men appointed by Governors
Wilson and Deukmejian. This does not sound
“non-partisan” to me.

All in all, it is just a power grab. Even the
so-called Prop. 78 “drug savings” measure is paid for
by the biggest pharmaceutical companies and would be
entirely voluntary on their part. The real savings to
consumers would come from Prop. 79 and the drug
companies are spending millions to stop this good

This ballot has something to hate for everyone. One
proposition tries to kill off the voice of public
employee unions by making it harder to get an OK from
members to use money collected to lobby or support
candidates. Another tells a young person who wants to
teach that they will have absolutely NO job protection
for five years! No other job in the state is treated
like that. Talented young people with about $100,000
in debt from five years training at a University will
not likely choose teaching because of this

And of course, no assault on our rights would be
complete with an attempt to limit a woman’s right to
choose. So here is how I am going to vote:

Prop. 73 NO Prop. 75 NO Prop. 77 NO
Prop. 74 NO Prop. 76 NO Prop. 78 NO

That is six big NO’s on the November 8th ballot.
There are actually two good measures and they are, of
course, at the very end. They are Prop. 79 YES; and
Prop. 80 YES.

I am voting YES on Prop. 79, because it would require
the drug companies to negotiate a real deal with the
state of California that would cover Medi-Cal
recipients, and the savings would also be passed on to
all Californians in lowering the drug costs for them
as well. And Prop. 80, I am voting YES because it
would re-regulate electricity in California so we
don’t end up with blackouts and with the gaming of our
system by Texas Oil and Gas, and Electric company
traders like Enron, etc.

So, be sure to vote on Tuesday Novebmer 8th! Vote
absentee, or go to the polls. But VOTE! If we fail
to show up, those who want corporate rule will win by
default. This is why they wanted a $50 million
special election. They knew there was no urgency.
They want this vote because they believe we won’t go
to the polls and a very small minority of reactionary
voters will be able to carry the vote on these
draconian measures.

If you want more detail on these measures, go to the
website: There you will find
background info, and a printable voting guide to send
to your family and friends, and co-workers. Remember,
friends don’t let friends neglect their civic duty.
Especially when so much is at stake.

If you would like to hear more in person, I am having
a community meeting at Logan Elementary School on
October 27th, Thursday, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. And if
you want to help defeat these measures, call SEIU
Local 347, at (323) 712-1779 to join me in walking
precincts. Or you can phone voters by calling (213)
381-5611 ext. 40 and ask for Norma Lopez. I’ll see
you there too.

Warmest regards, as always,



Remember If you can not attend the community meeting has information on all of the
initiatives and a downloadable voters guide in english
and soon in spanish as well! The
“Special” Election is on Tuesday November 8th!

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