The CC's influence was ALWAYS overstated

From Jared I.:

And it was never a majority….

“Signs hint Christian Coalition influence has peaked,” Chicago Tribune, 9/13/1996.

Although the Christian Coalition claims 1.7 million members, U.S. Postal Service data for September 1995 shows the organization mailed only 310,296 copies of its flagship Christian American magazine, which goes to people who contribute at least $15 a month to the group.

Lynn of Americans United, who requested the Postal Service figures, argued that they show the coalition is inflating its membership. But [CC spokesman Mike] Russell said not everyone who works with the coalition gives money regularly or subscribes to the magazine.

Tax returns show that donations to the coalition totaled $18.7 million in 1995, off nearly 12 percent from the $21.2 million it collected in 1994. Russell attributes the drop to the fact that 1995 was not an election year.

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