Miers is Bush's longtime consigliere

Miers possesses qualities important to Bush

WASHINGTON – (KRT) – Perhaps the clearest measure of President Bush’s trust in Harriet Miers is the fact that he hired her to do opposition research when he decided to run for governor of Texas. On him.

Miers, an accomplished corporate lawyer from Dallas with a reputation for discretion and for loyalty to Bush, may know as much about Bush as anyone outside his family.

So his decision to nominate her Monday to the Supreme Court, while a surprise to many in Washington, in fact fits a pattern of the president turning to those he knows best and trusts the most.

But beyond the overlapping circles of the Bush political machine and the Texas legal community, Miers is something of a mystery.

In introducing her during an Oval Office ceremony, Bush said that “she has devoted her life to the rule of law and the cause of justice.”

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Mark I would look at this pattern from a slightly different angle. No doubt you have considered it as well. She knows everything about bush crime incorporated. Literally everything. This appointment is a kind of extortion payment. Same thing the Corleone family would do. Give the participating criminal a position and insure their silence in doing so. Also insure that should dark secrets continue to emerge and the political climate suddenly change that the supreme ruling authority of the State is now easily stacked to protect the bush-turd and his host of operators.

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