Keep FEMA's feet to the fire! Update from the Katrina Information Network (KIN)

Thanks to the many people who have been writing letters and keeping the pressure on, FEMA has been forced to reassess contracts given out in Katrina’s aftermath. Read about this and more at To take FEMA to task is a real victory but we need to keep to it going. Here’s a few ways:

1) Join Katrina Information Network (KIN) folk and send letters weekly. Here’s a link to the FEMA letter

2) Encourage family and friends to keep the pressure on in Washington and send easy form letters (or compose their own from the site).

3) Broaden the Katrina Information Network reach by sharing it with organizations you belong to, keep posting it to list serves, following up and making it happen.

KIN folk are committed to win Real Relief, A Just Recovery, And Nothing Less! If you have any questions or ideas about the site or KIN, do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for continuing to take action together at

On behalf of KIN,
Sangita Nayak
Policy/Communications Director :Real Action for Real Relief. A Just Recovery. And Nothing Less!
The Praxis Project
1750 Columbia Road, NW
Second Floor
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (414)412-4518/(202) 234-5921
Fax:(202) 234-2689

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