GOP wanted Kerry in '04 (as Nixon wanted McGovern in '72)

From Thom Hartmann:

Dean was the only candidate the Republicans spent money to defeat in the Democratic primaries – over $1 million in the population-tiny but pivotal state of Iowa with the “latte-drinking, Volvo-driving” ads. Why? Because their polling showed that in the general election he could have trounced Bush, whereas Bush had a chance against Kerry or Gephardt. Same as Nixon sending Colson to NH to put drugs into Muskie’s coffee and forge the Canuck letter to make sure that Muskie would lose that primary, because Republican polling showed Muskie could have beaten Nixon but McGovern couldn’t. Republicans have been playing chess for 40 years – deciding who the Democratic candidate will be by intervening in the primaries – while the Dems are playing checkers…


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Are you listening DLC’ers? Mr. Lieberman? Hil? Joe B?

The Democratic Leadership Council is unquestionably a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican party and must now be marginalized out of existence.

I repeat: The DLC is a subcommittee of the Republican Party. Any other view is delusional.

Stake through the heart, folks.

-Sammy J

My friend recieved a credit card offer from the DNC. It (Howard Dean) asked for the 1% cash back to be donated to the DNC. Providians fixed rate was 23.99% I complained to the dnc and dfa and the gov who I worked on his campaign. No response, so I will let all know with this post.

Couldn’t agree more with the comments about the Democrats. Such a pathetic bunch of incompetent losers. They’re a wet dream for Rove. When I saw Reid’s favorable comments about Bush’s new Supreme, I said that’s enough. It’s like Garrison Keiler singing, “We’re all Republicans now.”

This is just more evidence that damns the Iowa/New Hampshire primary voting system. It is a broken system and easily manipulated by the Republicans and the mainstream media.

Only a super primary where all 50 states votes on the same day is fair and will work.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

The “GOP” also wanted Clinton in ’92 and they got Clinton and Clinton whooped them. They didn’t count on Perot and didn’t know how to keep voters from “waystaying” in the Perot column. The only GOP strategy is to divide and conquer, if Dean was the nominee then they would have spent millions to see that “Kerry” primary voters stayed home. The only Chess they play is to win. They may burn down the village and kill all the families but to them, they win.

Oh, please – Dems have done the same thing to Republicans for ages. The last significant one was Gray’s dropping a gazillion to knock out Riordan.

The GOP presidentials have been insulated from similar shenanigans in recent years because Republicans will happily eat their own but interfering in intramural political sport is not uniquely Republcian.

I heard that the Republicans rigged the vote for Kerry to win the primary just like they rigged the vote for Bush in the election. What I don’t understand is why the Democrats and Dean didn’t say anything and just let it slide just like everthing else.

Yeah, you all bitch now, but in 2008, you’ll be telling me that if I don’t vote for the latest DLC stooge, I have a secret agenda to help the Republicans. Fuck you all.

Reid’s stroke may have affected his reasoning, that’s all I can think is causing him to be so amenable to all of the Repug’s recent actions….

Well, duh.

Don’t you remember the state media touting Kerry’s “electability”?

The GOP truly feared Dean, hence “the scream” lived several news cycles.

Watch the next election carefully. From that one we should be able to predict whether we’re all headed for Soylent Green.

If you understand that the Democratic Party’s ONLY purpose is to prevent progressives from gaining political voice, you will easily see why the democrats “appear” to be losers — they aren’t really losers, they’re throwing every fight, including the 04 election, which that limp dick Kerry coulnd’t concede fast enough.

Get a clue, sheeple.

The Democrats are Lucy to your eternal Charley Brown.

That’s why THEY more than the GOP thwarted Dr. Dean’s chances — the only progessive running for office (Denis Kuchinich, go back into your “liberal” coma) and they fucked him all the way.

Now that he is CHAIRMAN of the DNC, every GOP dick-sucking Dem on Capitol Hill can’t jump through their ass fast enough to “distance” themselves from his remarks — remarks with which an astounding 78% of the United States population AGREE WITH.

It is time to dump the GOP and the Dems and put REAL PEOPLE IN POWER instead of rich white spoiled fuckers who don’t know shit about anything and couldn’t care less to know.

re Mary “why didn’t Dean complain if Repugs RIGGED the vote for kerry to win Iowa primary?”

Well, Mary, Dean was basically MUGGED by the “establishment” Dems, and the GOP’s most valuable minions, the “Mainstream Media.”

What is SAD is that STUPID DEMOCRATS fell for it… LED like cows, by the nose-ring, up the cattle-chute to the slaughering floor.

There is ONE thing that separated Dean in ’04 from all the other Dems: Dean was NOT AFRAID TO CALL GEORGE W. BUSH a LIAR.

HOW MANY other Dems, since then, can say that?

Indeed, Dean himself HAS BEEN COWED by the DNC/DLC ‘big donors’ to DO AS HE IS TOLD.

Which, essentially means, REPEAT THE karl rove fax TALKING POINTS. Notice that Dems have ALREADY GIVEN UP on Bush’s Katrina INCOMPETENCE and CROYISM as an ISSUE lately ??

Well, within DAYS of the Katrina bodies-in-mud anquish, there was Gov. Dean REPEATING karl rove’s talking points VERBATIM: “NOW IS NOT THE TIME to point fingers or place blame, now is the time to help victims recover and rebuild.” In short, Gov. Dean has had the FIGHT *beaten out of him,” and he, along with the other Dems, HAVE SIGNED OFF ON EVIL karl rove DIVVYING OUT the Katrina BILLIONS of DOLLARS rebuilding spoils!

The problem, of course, is the evil, corrupt media. They effectively CENSOR *any* stories that are critical of dictator Bush and Reichsprotector Cheney and warMinister Rumsfeld. And we, the Democratic electorate, ALLOW this corrupt media CENSORSHIP, via our ALLOWING the cowering Democrats to ROLL OVER for every media consolidation bill that comes down the pike.

In the movie “Animal House,” Dean Wormer (the villain) offers the best sage advice in the whole movie: “Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

In the movie “Truman,” president Truman persistently and repeatedly call the voters “THE BOSSES,” even though he was well aware of the political power-broker system of national politics. (His own mentor, Boss Pendergast, was convicted of corruption.

But these two movies have a point. As long as WE DEMOCRATIC VOTERs ** ALLOW ** john kerry, tom daschle, al gore, bill bradley, joe lieberman, joe biden, and other “establishment” Democrats to DISMANTLE the WAR ROOM, we have no one to blame BUT OURSELVES.

Oh, sure – rove is an evil genius, he knows just where to stick the STILLETTO to get Dems to KILL EACH OTHER. And look at the STUPID Nader voters – among the most EDUCATED and self-smart (pompous) voting blocks in HISTORY, these IDIOTS handed the RIGHT-WING, which had JUST LYNCHED bill clinton (did anyone besides me hear “RAPIST!”??) THE US EXECUTIVE OFFICE, including the CIA, the Treasury, the Military, the IRS, the EPA, the FBI, and ALL FUTURE JUDGE NOMINATIONS, TO THAT VERY RIGHT WING!

But, before we feel sorry for ourselves at our own clueless idiocy, just look at our opposition: Dick cheney is going on his FOURTH heart-attack, and bush, rove, cheney, libby AND ROVE have been all but caught with their hands in the “OUT A CIA AGENT to get revenge on those bleeding heart liberals and their commie Ambassador!” (Never mind that Amb. Wilson was DECORATED under President Bush Sr. for staring Saddam Hussein down immediately before US bombs landed in Baghdad.)

Well, that’s enough for today. In early 2004, a friend of my – an educator, Mom, a partisan Democrat and local politics supporter, repeated the Repug-Media mantra “DEAN IS UNELECTABLE.”
The rest of that summer and fall WERE A NIGHTMARE of watching john kerry REFUSE to call george W. bush A LIAR.
Any Democrat who is AFRAID to call Mr. Bush a CORRUPTION SUPPORTING LIAR is NOT offering “opposition” to the Bush-Repuglican Radical Right-WIng agenda…..

Nothing surprising here. When the Republicans said, “It’s not Howard Dean, we’re afraid of, it’s John Kerry.” I knew right then and there it was a smoke screen.

Re ‘In the movie “Animal House,” Dean Wormer (the villain) offers the best sage advice in the whole movie: “Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”‘

Brilliant rant, Anonymous… but the quote was “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Someone should have so advised George W Bush, eh?

Carry on.

Dear America:
Two parties does not a democracy make; the Soviet Union had ‘elections’ which were basically ‘Worker’s Soviet Party’ versus ‘Soviet Worker’s Party’…you’re dealing with the same thing. Both can’t bend over for corporate money fast enough; neither are willing to do ‘the right (usually unpopular) thing’ for the good of the country. Finally, a real leader is one who will turn on his own supporters at some point and say “you know, we’ve taken care of you; now sit down, shut up and be happy with what you’ve gotten…it’s not in your best interests (or the country) if you keep getting everything you want.” America needs more parties…lots of them.

Why not start doing nationwide “Freeway Blogging” now, before the 2008 disaster? All it requires is large pieces of cardboard and waterproof paint, and a way to fasten the cardboard securely to freeway fences and overpasses. I’m thinking those plastic locks for bundling computer cable threaded through holes reinforced with heavy duty tape. In metropolitan areas during rush hour, it’s possible that several hundred thousand voters will get the message before the DOT takes down the signs.
How about this for a message:
DLC + GOP = Coporate Fascism
or a hand with a thumbs down to “the DLC” and so on. Would maybe get some attention. More ideas at

‘Finally, a real leader is one who will turn on his own supporters at some point and say “you know, we’ve taken care of you; now sit down, shut up and be happy with what you’ve gotten…it’s not in your best interests (or the country) if you keep getting everything you want.”‘

–Unfortunately, once a “real leader” does this, they’ll assassinate him. The “Dean scream” was character assassination BEFORE Dean could get any real power. But once a guy who actually IS in power, takes on the big boys, and they can’t get him out by any ostensably legitimate means, I believe that they will stop at nothing–even murder–should that person stand up to them or oppose their ways.

As for the rank-and-file Democrats: So long as they are content to get their view of the world from the corporate media alone, they will continue to be suckered into supporting the John Kerrys of the world.

Face it people: Until more Americans feel enough pain to change their daily habits of living–incluidng, starting to to to the Internet to get their news–NOTHING will change.

Dean, DLC, Kerry, Bush, Phony Elections…DieBold Elections… Stolen Elections…and thoughts on Nader…

Right On. Many good comments…And Essential ones from the Honest Thinking Americans who are still left … alive… unsmeared … and not on the Bribery-Train.

In Short: The Goose Who laid the Golden Eggs… so many DLCers & Rebublicans.. and ignorant… selfish “CITIZENS” just TAKING their OWN GOLDEN EGGS… and the GOOSE IS COOKED! America the Cooked Goose.

Meanwhile, it’s the Goose which is Golden… silly greedy people!

Meanwhile… s-ELECTIONS… Please!!! Folks on this Blog Know its all a Charade. WE-THE-Active Citizens SHOULD BOYCOTT FURTHER “ELECTIONS” until the Diebold and ES&S machine are EXPOSED and REMOVED.

TELL IT to these PHONY Democrats- DLCers… WE WILL NOT VOTE! WE Will NOT VOTE… cuz there IS NO VOTE!!! Start a Website with REASONED quotes and Evidence as to WHY “WE-THE-ACTIVE” WILL NOT join the Phony VOTE… will not Legitimize it… Will not participate in the charade and attacks on US. Participating in the Electronic Votes is AKIN to knowingly getting on the Cattle Cars headed to the DeathCamps!

Tell FALSE DEMOCRATS, “Go Join the Republican party.” And “WE” buckle down… and watch the RUSH of DECAY that occurs as MORE EVIL people are S-elected in FALSE ELECTIONS. Perhaps this LAST DITCH TACTIC will Turn the Switch in the Minds of “the Public.”

As for Nader… Bravo… Principled…USA Principles. And the Evil-Doers who are fixing Elections would have Fixed the vote despite Nader. He just became the easy scapegoat to FURTHER DIVIDE THINKING AMERICANS.

Bravo. “News From Underground.”

Losing any vestige of faith I had in the Dems, DLC, DNC, all garbage.
The poll numbers showing Shrub submarining should be like honey to flys but no-one is standing up. In a very red district (80%) in Ohio, Paul Hackett, a returned vet and Democrat, got (officially) 49% of the vote by simply telling the public what is obvious to the non-hypnotized, that Bush&Co are lying thieving bastards. (he probably actually won, but this is SW Ohio, Diebold, Blackwell, sound familiar?)
It’s high time for an onside brawl, shake out what the Ds mean, Who stands where. I’m “represented” by Lieberman and Dodd, not what I’d call Democrats, but what are my other choices?
We must work out where our “opposition” party is going. Every time they send you a begging letter, don’t send money, send a letter instead. Tell ’em why they won’t get your dollars ’til they can field candidates that plainly say what the overwhelming majority of Americans want to hear, Liberty, Justice and Peace.
The Rs are currently self-destructing, no thanks to the Donkeys (or Asses), leave them to it. Get behind the legal angles, a la DeLay. We dumped our governor (greeeedy GOPig John Rowland) and many other states are moving that way, Ohio & Kentucky are closing in on the corrupt pigs that they’ve been saddled with.
The Ds were not always thus, they moved away from their base, mostly under the influence of money. Taking money out of the political process must be a key goal in any real reform. If by some fluke, the Ds don’t throw the ’06 election,(they should take it in a walk, if only they’d walk) Maybe we could see some electoral reform. Paperless voting must also go and the central tabulators must be very closely watched (in Ohio they had a backdoor that was accessable by phone)
Without a catalytic event, however, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Meanwhile, raise Hell!
Freeway blogging is good, if you’ve got a printer and a car, make up short messages in 72pt or larger type (keep ’em short) and tape them to the inside windows of your car. It’s one way of building networks (eMail circulars via things like Yahoo Groups can keep that going).
If your state has an initiative proccess, start up a drive for public financed elections, papertrail voting and/or banning TV ads/campaign donations (TV ads are where all the campaign money goes, no ads, no meed to raise so much money).
Don’t count on the Democrats to save you, they can’t even save themselves.

Since everyone here seems to have lost faith in the Dems – how many of you would be willing to start a new Progressive Party? And no, I don’t mean some fringe group with a bad web site. I mean a PARTY.

Are you ready for that? If so, I’m willing to set up a PROFESSIONAL web site to try to get this off the ground. How many takers?

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