Gannon's role in Plamegate

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The Rove That Dare Not Speak Its Plame

Did the Cheney-Rove effort to discredit Joseph Wilson include dispatching a surrogate posing as a reporter, quondam male escort Jeff Gannon, to interview Wilson? And does the White House relationship with Gannon continue today?

I’ve pointed out before that Gannon’s blog sounds very much as if it originates from the keyboard of Karl Rove. Rife with dated turns of phrase, political history arcana, and pats on the back for Rove, it’s not always plausible as the voice of a man who never wrote a word or took part in politics until his late 40s.

The blog’s preoccupations and elisions are also telling. Although it came into existence over Plamegate, it hasn’t taken note of Rove’s or Libby’s fresh worries. Nor has it mentioned Judy Miller’s release from jail, despite having called impatiently last summer for Miller to give testimony that the blog was somehow then sure would “clear” Rove. That was back when it looked as if it all might fall on Libby, if only Miller would talk.

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