Bush paid Miers firm big bucks in '98 campaign

Miers Is Asked About Role in ’98 Campaign

By Charles Babington and Amy Goldstein
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, October 22, 2005; A10

Senators are asking Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers to provide more information about her role as a lawyer for President Bush’s 1998 Texas gubernatorial campaign, for which her firm was paid $140,000.

In answering a Judiciary Committee questionnaire this week, Miers mentioned her legal roles in Bush’s first gubernatorial campaign, in 1994, and in his 2000 campaign for president. But she did not mention the 1998 gubernatorial reelection campaign, for which her firm was paid far more than the $7,000 it received in 1994, according to a review of campaign records by the Associated Press.

The questionnaire asked Miers to describe “services rendered, whether compensated or not, to any political party, election committee or transition team.” The committee’s Republican chairman and ranking Democrat on Wednesday asked Miers to provide more information on several items, including her “political activities.”

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