Are we still paying Cheney's heating bills?

From R. Miller:

As a single mom without a drop of oil in the tank (and it’s pretty chilly already here in rainy Boston) I would like to know if we are still paying DICK CHENEY’S utility bill?

I haven’t forgotten that the sneering fatcat pawned his electric bill off on the Navy, with Republican Congressional approval, the minute he squatted in the Vice Presidential mansion, back in 2001. Now with record prices for fuel these rethuglicans are cutting aid for needy families who can barely afford the basic necessities.

Has the media forgotten? Is there any way to find out if we the people are still paying Cheney’s electric bill? If the Republicans are so into cutting government subsidy of utilities and so into personal responsibility, shouldn’t Dick be footing his own bill?

Senate again blocks heating aid for poor families
October 21, 2005

WASHINGTON — For the second time this month, the Senate voted against putting more money into a program that helps low-income families meet home heating costs.

Senators who opposed the $3.1 billion in emergency money for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program said the aid would be dealt with as part of a larger emergency spending bill that Congress probably will consider soon.

But advocates said that with the weather turning cold in northern states and energy prices soaring, there was no time to delay. Many families, said Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), a sponsor of the measure, face a stark choice — ”to heat or to eat.”

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