Alito's the one

Bush Picks Alito for Supreme Court
By RON FOURNIER, AP Political Writer

President Bush, stung by the rejection of his first choice, will nominate conservative judge Samuel Alito to replace moderate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in a bid to reshape the Supreme Court and mollify his political base, officials said Monday.

The choice was likely to spark a political brawl. Unlike the nomination of Harriet Miers, which was derailed by Bush’s conservative allies, Alito faces opposition from liberal Democrats.

Bush planned to announce the nomination at 8 a.m. EST. Wasting no time, the White House arranged for Alito to go to the Capitol after the announcement.

The schedule called for Senate Majority Leader Bill First to greet him and accompany the nominee to the Capitol Rotunda to go to the coffin of the late civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks.

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