I’m on your list and I appreciate the hard work you put into keeping us informed. I send out many of your posts to about 30 other folks. I used to work with Inger Forland and she connected me to your list.

Anyhow, the DCCC just sent me this notice that they are having a live chat tomorrow to discuss recruited candidates, the strategy for the next elections, and other issues that are important to you.”

They are taking questions starting at 10:00 am est tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13. If you would like to forward this to your list and encourage them to log on and ask questions (you could even suggest that they all relate to impeachment), I think it could be really helpful. They’ve asked for feedback, we should give it to them.

I have replaced the personalized address in the following email with the more generic one, in case you decide to send it.

I have forwarded the impeachment email to my group and pointed out to them the contrast of the Clinton impeachment and the Rep. response with Bush’s many failures and the Dems lack of fortitude.

Let me know what you think,

Jody Billert
Alexandria, VA


Dear ,

When Congress left for recess in August, nobody could have known whatthey would return to. Now they are back, and although there is unprecedented national unity in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, Congress will face sharp choices in how to best help the survivors get back on their feet – and how to move our country forward with the lessons we have learned.

I will be holding an online chat to answer your questions on the massive range of issues that now stand before us. Join me Tuesday at 4:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Pacific), and submit your questions then or beforehand starting at 10:00 AM Eastern (7:00 AM Pacific) here:

Also, I’m hoping to discuss our recruited candidates, the strategy for the next elections, and other issues that are important to you.

The balance of power in Washington has profound effects on every facet of our lives. I’ll do my best to address your questions and concerns across the board.

Again, the chat will take place on Tuesday at 4:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Pacific), but you can start submitting questions at 10:00 AM Eastern (7:00 AM Pacific) – hope to see you there.

John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC

Paid for by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
430 South Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
(202) 863-1500
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are not tax deductible.

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  • I agree, Mark knows the score. I had never heard of him until I saw C-Span cover his “Cruel & Unusual” book, and immediately I was relieved that SOMEONE really understood the dire shitstorm we’re in, how it’s amassed over the past thirty years, and how it’s about oil, yes, oil is in the background…but there is something far more sinister within the underlying agenda, made all the more so by how these cretins use Christianity and patriotism to disguise fascism.

    Democrats? Man, that party has been allowed to exist only because the right wing strains needed them in order to sell the counterfeit “democracy” package. They foiled Carter’s “Oct Surprise,” held power for tweleve years, and then allowed for a “kinder, gentler, machine-gun hand,”(a la Neil Young)by putting a friendlier Clinton face on it. Then they smeared him with the blow job scandal, which was all a set up to make dems look immoral, but all the while, the New World Order(that poppy Bush spoke of on 9/11/91)was being slowly implemented with bogus terrorist attacks throughout the 90s. They knew they would steal the 2000 election, and implement the PNAC with this admin. If they don’t get WW3 fully underway before 2008, which I’m guessing they probably will, then they’ll likely allow for the dems to take office then in order to, again, let the people sigh some relief with a friendlier face on an erroneous package. Dems can’t do shit, that’s why they HAVEN’T and WON’T. Period.

    Sorry to be skeptical, but one mans cynicism is another’s realism.

    “If the only two choices in this election are for war, than war we shall have” ~ Ralph Nader

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