0 thoughts on “"now is the time to love a neighbor as you'd like to be loved"”

  1. Is it possible that this man truly has no soul? Just what the starving and desperate people need to hear, a bible spouting POTUS. That is what spiritual advisors are for, he as the ‘leader’ of the country has a lot to make up for and it’s not going to be accomplished with his perfunctory fly overs, nor talking about Trent and Haley’s homes.
    It’s a horrible way for people to see what this joker is all about, but they are. When he loses the Moonie Times editorial page as well as the Manchester Union Leader, he’s toast. David Brooks on Lehrer just stunned me by joining in and saying he is ‘angry at Bush. He, Oliphant and Clarence Page all agreed that this will in all probability lead to a progressive renewal. Once again, that’s great, but a cost that is intolerable.

    Pam Thomas

  2. The local newsradio has repeatedly run the soundbite of Dubya saying, “It’s as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine.” It’s revealing that he thinks of it in those terms.

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