Don't let Bill O'Reilly get away with it!

Bill O’Reilly’s Outrageous Comments Demand Action!


On September 14, 2005, President George W. Bush spoke before the United Nations General Assembly and thanked more than 115 countries and the UN for helping Americans deal with Hurricane Katrina.

“All together, more than 115 countries and nearly a dozen international organizations have stepped forward with offers of assistance. To every nation, every province, and every community across the world that is standing with the American people in this hour of need, I offer the thanks of my nation….Your response, like the response to last year’s tsunami, has shown once again that the world is more compassionate and hopeful when we act together. This truth was the inspiration for the United Nations.”

On that very same day, Bill O’Reilly, on his nation-wide Westwood One radio show, said:

“Bush to address the U.N., says we must be steadfast in battling terrorism. I’m sure all the U.N. people fell asleep. They don’t really care about anything over there at all. I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out. And I wouldn’t have rescued them.”


TAKE ACTION: E-mail Bill O’Reilly and his boss at Westwood One, President & CEO Shane Coppola — demand that Mr. O’Reilly apologize for his outrageous remarks. GO!

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