Cheney's chilling

From the Washington Post:

Where’s Cheney?

Vice President Cheney, who has spent part of August at his home outside scenic Jackson, Wyo., remains there today — although his spokeswoman, Lea Anne McBride, doesn’t call it vacation.

“He’s working from Wyoming today,” McBride told me this morning.

So what is his day like in Jackson? Any fly-fishing on the Snake River during his work day?

“He’s already had his morning briefings,” McBride said. “He’ll have some other internal staff meetings.” Beyond that, McBride said, she would have to check and get back to me. I missed her call back but will try to reach her again.

And when is he coming back? “He will certainly be coming back. I’m not able to tell you the day right now. I don’t have that handy.”

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