CBS News doesn't want to know

Rather Claims CBS Refuses To Allow Him To Pursue Bush Report

Dan Rather, who has continued to maintain that the documentation used in his much criticized 60 Minutes report about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service has never been disproved, said Monday that CBS will not allow him to try to authenticate it. Appearing on The Kalb Report on C-SPAN, Rather was asked by former CBS newsman Marvin Kalb, “You have an opportunity now, you’re a reporter for “60 Minutes,” that’s a very important program. Would you go now and go back to that story and do it again? And find the documentation that would, in fact, prove what you believe to be the accuracy of the story?” Rather replied, “CBS News doesn’t want me to do that story. They wouldn’t let me do that story.” When Kalb asked him why, Rather replied, “That’s a question you’d have to ask them. But I’ve moved on from it. And I’ve done my best to put it behind me.”

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