Cantwell won't

Hot off the presses from a friend who works for Senator Cantwell:

Subject: Cantwell on Judge Roberts.

Dear Friends

Just Moments ago US Senator Maria Cantwell (My Boss) announced she will vote “NO” on the confirmation of John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. After much consideration including a one on one meeting with Judge Roberts last evening Senator Cantwell came to the conclusion that she could not support the nomination of Judge Roberts without getting a clear understanding of his positions on important issues such as an individuals right to privacy.

The nomination of a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is one of the most important votes a US Senator will ever be asked to make and a decision of this magnitude is not to be taken lightly. Many of you have given your opinion on this matter to me and every one of your comments has been forwarded to the Senator in order to give her an understanding of the feelings of her constituency. I appreciate your comments and I hope you can appreciate the courage of the Senators convictions.


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