Bush/Cheney's lethal interest in Uganda

The Bush regime is interested in Uganda-which is bad news for the Ugandans, who are dying in large numbers as a consequence of that concern.

On the one hand, the powers in Kampala have abruptly stopped distributing free condoms, which, predictably, has meant a deadly uptick in the rates of HIV/AIDS infection nationwide.

This genocidal shift in policy has everything to do with Bush/Cheney’s influence on Yowen Museveni’s government. (Pres. Museveni’s wife is a born-again Christian.

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And as if that policy weren’t murderous enough, Museveni’s government is wiping out Ugandans by the hundreds every day up in the country’s ravaged north-a genocidal drive to which Bush/Cheney, and the US press, are paying no attention.

Otunnu Says There is Genocide in North
The Monitor (Kampala)
September 19, 2005
Posted to the web September 18, 2005
Frank Nyakairu

Children’s rights activist Olara Otunnu has called on the UN to reprimand the government over what he describes as “ongoing genocide” in northern Uganda.

The former United Nations Under-Secretary General and Foreign Minister in the Okello regime wants Uganda to comply with the measures contained in a UN resolution that demands countries to end atrocities against children.

“The genocide unfolding in northern Uganda is happening on our watch, and with our full knowledge. Why is there no action?” Otunnu said on Friday.

He was delivering the main address at the convocation of Lehman College, a New York university that honoured him with a Doctorate of Human Letters degree for his role as a leading supporter of the rights of children.

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