Brownie's record

Brown, More Unqualified Than You Thought

Astoundingly, FEMA Director Michael Brown is even more unqualified for his job than previously believed. The reason: he’s been lying on his resume. A 2001 White House press release states that “from 1975 to 1978, Brown worked for the City of Edmond, Oklahoma, overseeing the emergency services divisions.” Brown’s official government biography says he served “as an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight.” Time Magazine contacted Claudia Deakins, head of public relations for the city of Edmond and got the real story. Deakins revealed that Brown “was an ‘assistant to the city manager’ from 1977 to 1980, not a manager himself, and had no authority over other employees. ‘The assistant is more like an intern,’ she told TIME. ‘Department heads did not report to him.'” It’s just one of several fabrications Brown has made about his professional experience.

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