"What's really happening in America"

Hi Mr. Miller,

I heard you on ‘TO THE POINT’ last week.

It was really refreshing to listen to you debate about the state of today’s media.

I am frustrated by the media, democratic party and congressional representatives who refuse to fight this trend of ‘Christian Evangelical Conservatism.’ I look at what’s going on in the beltway and I’m amazed at how out of touch my representatives are with what is happening to the middle class. Let me use myself as an example:

My father attended Yale and got his MBA at Harvard, I got my BA from Lewis & Clark College. I live in Los Angeles working as a Print Broker for a diverse range of companies. My company is about 3 years old so I’m only bringing in about 35k a year. My wife worked at Microsoft for 5 years and had a great benefits package including health and pension benefits. Last year Microsoft fired their admin. staff (my wife) and had them rehired through a temporary agency, Spherion. Now my wife does the exact same thing at Microsoft but she’s a Spherion employee. She receives less pay, medical was so bad we had to get our own plan in order to cover our two children and the pension package is a joke. We both have to work so daycare costs 240 each week and medical insurance is 525 a month. 525 we were putting away for retirement. That’s 18,000 a year. I’m telling you, we live a modest life no debt, I drive a 92 volvo and my wife has a Saturn which will be paid for in a few months. But we’re not getting ahead – the American dream just ain’t happening for us. This is what’s really happening in America (from my perspective) and where is the Democratic party or my democratic representatives??? I’ve written letters to Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, etc., etc. and I get a ‘thanks for your letter, we are deeply concerned’ response. What does this have to do with your discussion on ‘TO THE POINT’? Hell, I dunno, but you were really ‘on the money’ when you were speaking on ‘TO THE POINT’ and I related to you. Thanks.

Best wishes,
[name withheld]

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A good letter and it’s what a lot of folks are feeling, and yet it shows the sinister nature of our corporate press that so many people who are in even worse shape than this eloquent fellow still voted so strongly against their own interests in the last election. Yet, this writer also makes very clear that the dream of waiting for the Democratic party to stand up and act as a true alternative, progressive force is a bankrupt one.

What’s really happening here, in fact, is the early stages of a culmination of events that many people should have seen coming for a long time – the breaking through the charade of democracy that’s been under attack really since the end of the New Deal era – the destruction of unions, the muffling of capitalist decent and the dominance of free market-driven public policy, the relentless attack on liberals, the massive growth of the corporate state, and the demise, really, of the middle class, in exchange for a two class society. These classes are increasingly becoming those who own the bulk of property and everyone else.

In essense, we are seeing a return to and a victory for those financial elements that ruled America during the years between the Civil War and the New Deal. Talk about patience!

What’s the solution? 50 years ago progressives may have turned towards Communism, but that’s also a bankrupt solution. No, we need to turn off the propaganda machine’s mainline – unplug and de-program EN MASSE – while also demanding things which really are quite basic and non-radical: An end to deregulation, and end to the media monopoly, and end to privately financed campaigns.

And end to creeping facscism, in other words. The corporate state. It’s not overly dramatic to state the truth.

Tell your friends – turn off the TV! Stop being an active participant in your own exploitation. It’s quite liberating. It’s not too late for a mass movement to take back the very basic American institutions before they are completely gone.

Wake up and smell the coffee. The New Deal was a sellout by the Dems to appease AND most importantly, STOP the then-growing progressive political movement in this country.

Now that the New Dealers are dead and dying, they’re going right back to where they were before it:

slave or no wages,
company store mentality look at Evilco uhm..Walmart
long, gruelling hours;
child labor;
no benefits
no regulation of business
re-gentrification of property (wait till we see shanty towns return full swing)



What else can the Democrats do but nothing? They’re not in charge of anything. With republicans in charge of all branches of government most of the time democrats can’t even be in policy decision meetings.
But in reality it probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway. The total stranglehold corporations have on the body politic now, we’re most likely only marginally worse off with republicans.
To be frank, another election won’t mean much. A revolution might be in order.

It IS the bankers, but it goes much deeper than that, all the way to the Federal Reserve which is NOT a government institution, is privately owned and 100% illegal.

It is what Fighting Bob LaFollete and Charles A Linbergh, Sr., (you know, the ‘socialist’)fought against.

The bankers now ‘own’ everything and everyone through debt and the government allowed it to happen.

It IS basically slavery.

Tenn. official asks star to stop plugging tobacco
Tennessee Attorney General Paul Summers has asked country star Gretchen Wilson to stop plugging smokeless tobacco in her stage act, but it’s only a suggestion.
Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the
status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Jack Kerouac
From his book: On The Road
year of the dragon site/blog. It pretty much covers year of the dragon related stuff.

Can you spell “national strikes”?

That guy speaks for millions. Microsoft, United Airlines, now Northwest Airlines, to say nothing of WorldCom and Exxon, don’t give a damn about their employees. They still haven’t figured out the very simple, proven equation that being fair and decent to the staff creates a happier staff and, voila!, increased productivity. I’m thinking people who have to work three jobs to make ends meet and sweat blood each month to meet draconian healthcare insurance, prescription drug, and gas and heating oil prices don’t have a lot of energy left to put in a productive day’s work. Is it any wonder?

The radical analysis of the New Deal has a lot of truth, but the reality is that the workers of the world will never unite in their own interests with such conviction that they can change the capitalist system — especially not when Republicans control every material aspect of our lives as citizens.

In the meantime, a universal national income tax, inheritance taxes, and the New Deal was a pretty damn good compromise that held the line on the oligarchy quite effectively for millions and millions.

Time to throw the Republicans out of office.

my Dad always told me “Life ain’t fair, Son…so don’t get your hopes up too high”. Well, my Daddy was a smart man and life has proven to be unfair most of the time. We as a country deserve all the pain we are suffering and are about to suffer. Let a man like GWBush rule the roost and you get what you asked for. Wake up people and demand an Impeachment!!


Not to worry, this corrupt, fascist empire cannot last much longer. Peak Oil is about to take it down. The obscene monetary system will crash along with it. Go to Heinberg’s web site ( and you can learn about what I am talking about. Watch the DVD “The End of Suburbia”. Make friends with your neighbors; pretty soon they will be part of your support system. Things are really going to get rough. I’ve had a good life; I’m glad I’m too old to be there when things really get bad.

To the scam-artist with the link to “income solutions.” Piss-off! Take your Amway scam (or any variation thereof) and shove it up your #$%&$&#$%. Amway (and any network-marketing business model)is a heist of epic proportions upon well-intentioned, but gullible people worldwide. It’s this kind of free-market-without-consequences-or-responsibility-to-society type of paradigm that has largely contributed to the broader economic mess that is so aptly illustrated by the original letter at the top of this blog. That Voss slimebag (whatever his name is) should have been locked up for life. Yet now we have his son and other similar ilk enjoying unimaginable wealth and privilege while struggling working people lose their shirts, their marriages, and sometimes their lives via suicide, (while they chase the American Dream that turns out to be a sham) beacause of this legalized abomination known as network marketing (Amway). Get a real job that actually contributes something to the betterment of society!

In America, this couple has the opportunity to work and to save and to learn and to live in relative luxury with respect to 95% of the world’s population. They talk about Microsoft like the Gestapo forced the wife to work there. It’s pathetic. Supposedly a government regulation would “solve” the problems they find in these volutary associations. Both major parties in the US comprise the root cause of economic angst felt by the great whining masses. From the New Deal through Bush’s spending/killing spree, government is the problem.

To bemused observer, I can only assume you must have been ripped off by an Amway distributor at some point or other for you to make such a wild assumption, then take such an antagonistic position towards my comment but ignore the blatant spam to buy cialis. Ignorance always shows. For the record, I’m not into Amway at all. I do however provide income solutions for those who have an interest. For those who don’t… they are free to ignore (and rant & rave, and flail about in vain gnashing their teeth) ;-) It’s still a free world, …for now. Squid is right on the money. It is the bankers.

Great Blog Mark! Keep up the good work!

I’m starting an activist mailing list for those people who want to get legislation passed now and who want to do more than wait until elections and more than want to complain about Republicans. send email to with the subject


I encourage you to get as many friends, fellow workers, and people you will get to know to join my mailing list.

Wake up America! The re election of GW flabbergasted me. As an observer of American politics from the shores of Europe with nothing but good feelings for your people, I cannot but help despair at “play today,pay tomorrow”. The highest office on this planet is held by a man solely driven by his outsized ego and a personal driven agenda made possible by his dad,family wealth and of course connections!
Anything wrong with that !!

Shucks here I was hoping ! that 9/11 would be the catalyst for a new era. Out of vunerability comes strength,a strength of vision to compassionately set in motion at the very least a “road map” (where did that go ?) of enlightened leadership. But then all of you reading this ,know it. It’s criminal what is happening in Iraq in the name of “democracy”. Mark my words GW will be up there in the not too distant history books,likened to the Saddams,Pol pots,Milosoviche’s etc, the only difference being he carried an up to date “voting card”.

Ok ,where’s that bottle of wine !

I suggest that you rethink your take on the election. There is no solid evidence that Bush & Co. won——but copious evidence that Bush & Co. filched it (again). See “None Dare Call It Stolen,” my essay in the August Harper’s; and, when it comes out, please read Fooled Again. (There’s a link right on the blog here.)

Perhaps we’re all waiting for a ‘majority of one’ like Cindy Sheehan to take up the banner so we can follow. Is that’s what’s needed for the various issues related to the loss of honest opportunity and aspirations for the middle class? Or is the recent data about the disparity between the salary increase of the worker vs the ceo (0 vs 58% increase in 2004) enough to motivate all of us to become the ‘majority of one’?
Going down unproductive paths like whether Bush did/did not win the elections gets people nowhere. Even the question of WMD or not gets us nowhere. The punitive increase in the price of gas while the oil companies rake in enormous, record-setting profits — that’s an argument that might get us somewhere. The alternative minimum tax taking such a chunk of the middle class’ income while the rich pay so little — that’s an argument that might get us somewhere. Pick your topic, and get activated.

To MCM –

Well said and important to bring up: I think it’s clear that the elections – BOTH of them – were outright stolen. However, it is important to consider that, election theft aside, a lot of folks all over the country did in fact cast votes completely against their own interests when they voted for the Republican agenda. In other words, the election SHOULD have been a complete wipe out for Bush – he should have lost in a landslide – which no amount of thuggery should have been able to overcome. The fact that it wasn’t does show the power – and danger – of the propaganda machine. I think that this is where progressives should start their focus – I tell everyone I know to “unplug and de-program”.

Also, to ShifterX – I think it’s a fair point not to praise the New Deal too much, and yes, it was a way to Save Capitalism from Itself. Still, I’ll take some of those old fashioned Western European Social Democracy policies over the creeping fascism we have around here any day…

and so we go
on with our lifes
we know the truth
but prefer lies
lies are simple
simple is bliss
why go against tradition when we can
admit defeat
live in decline
be the victims of our own design
with status quo
built on suspect
why would anyone stick out their neck
fellow members
club we’ve got ours
i’d like to introduce you to our hosts
he’s got his
and i’ve got mine

How many Demo gave away u.s. ecomny to Mexico, panma waterway,just go back in history see what presdent gave stuff other powers. stop and think” before you blow off your heads. At the reblicans.

Seaveggie, in an electoral system as corrupt as this one, the sort of landslide you describe is just not possible. Don’t underestimate the anti-Bush vote in 2004. It included many a Republican——and not just moderates. While I certainly agree that lots of people were persuaded not to vote in their own interests, I strongly doubt it was as many as the regime (and the press, and the top Democrats) would have us think. I make my case in Fooled Again, which will come out in about six weeks.

Diane, it’s not “unproductive” but entirely necessary to look back at that election. If we don’t, there will be no incentive for electoral reform; and if there isn’t such reform ASAP, we’re screwed. It’s as simple as that.

Here in Round Rock TX, Dell uses Spherion as well. Many work a 40 hour week, with no benefits at all. I guess we’re supposed to be glad that the jobs aren’t in India. and I guess we are. (the jobs went to India for a while, but they came back due to language problems) Folks are temporary for years and years. It sucks!

I think the most important domestic issue is Health Care. So many don’t have medical. The HMOs and big Pharma are eating up all the medical money and pooping it out offshore. The uninsured and the underinsured literally suffer, and even big business thinks that providing medical is a bad business decision. If the competition doesn’t provide medical, they won’t provide medical either, and it’s a downward spiral. We need to get a single payer system…and fast. People’s lives depend on it.

For those who say you want a revolution: note that the latest developments in the military are designed to increase their effectiveness in fighting rebellious populations. Also, the fear of terrorism is justifying the development of plans for military action within the US itself. You can be assured that the army won’t be used merely to combat a handful of terrorists. I think that one reason Iraq was occupied was to provide a laboratory for developing tactics for dealing with an uncooperative population.

Personally I think the important next step is to convince as many Americans as possible that they have been lied to and that the mainstream media is part of the system that conveys those lies, half-truths, and misdirections. We need to be as skeptical of our “official” media as residents of the Soviet Block were of their official media. How do we accomplish this?

I personally agree with the concerns that have been written here. There is another thought, or two, needing to be addressed.

The primary one is that the mechanism used to control any populace is religion. A people without superstition, having the ability to perform critical thinking, can be controlled only by that which they choose to accept.

The second is that there is no cure to what ails our society that any single “average citizen” can do anything about. Expecting the change people say they want to come from existing institutions is futile – we will be assimilated.

The only reasonable response to be made is for citizens to organize and mobilize. If the Neocons, in concert with the Religious Reich, “win” the next presidential race, even that choice will no longer exist.

Blaming New Deal, Bankers, Corporate, DNC, RNC, Diebold, Media, et al is only venting. Stop blaming and whining about the condition. Start doing something. At this point, anything is better than what you are doing now (for the most part). Even if you don’t know specifically what to do, start something going – the “what” will surface.

Yes, I practice what I preach. In March of this year a group of us formed to seek to marginalize the religious extremist. Another group I know has formed a grass roots political (progressive) movement. Another formed this year to resist the teaching of ID in public schools.

Start where you live. With enough grass roots organizing done ASAP, and joining the various efforts together, something can be done. Set aside disagreements about those things which are debatable, focus on the common goal.

Since humanity cannot thrive without hope, I hope “we’re” not too late.

We have to destroy the shopping in order to choke the companies that are choking our families. I propose that on every major shopping Holiday we take to the streets and strategically dump Nails and Screws and maybe buckets of paint at vital intersections leading to Big Box Stores. No One Gets Hurt except the tires of a few folks who shouldn’t be shopping anyway. Hit the big guys where there wallets are…. this is the only way because Americans Can’t be brought together we are all to DIVERSE… Ages, Races etc.

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