What's happening in New York State

From William Betz:

It seems that New York State is entitled to $191 million in HAVA funds to replace the voting machines. If there is no compliance, the State has to give the money back and, moreover, it has to refund money to the extent that compliance falls short. Carol Berman, former NYS election commissioner and former NYS senator, spoke at the meeting. She made it very clear that there had been no problems with the lever voting machines, and that the only costs involved with them involved routine maintenance and repair. Still it appears the State is in a mad rush to replace them for the sake of getting the federal money. What a joke. The choice New York faces is between optical scan machines (which leave a paper trail) and the paperless electronic machines that enable hackers and crooks to control elections. Either choice will entitle the State to the HAVA money, which appears to be the most important thing that ever came down the pike.

Let’s see who profits from this, in addition to the voting machine companies. (You don’t suppose Diebold, et al., are contributing to some republican campaign coffers for the sake of getting a contract, do you?)


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