The shady doings of Greenspan's possible successor

Hello Professor Miller,

Recently the Dallas paper has been pushed Richard Fisher as a successor to Alan Greenspan. You may not know that Mr Fisher was recently appointed head of the Dallas Fed.

What’s interesting is that back when Kay Bailey Hutchinson was first running for the Senate, it seemed the likely winner would be the Democratic candidate, who was popular. Out of nowhere came Mr. Fisher, with a well-financed and intense campaign for the Democratic nomination. He split the Democratic vote, there were the usual rumors that the other Democratic candidate was homosexual, that he would put the Negroes in power etc (perhaps Karl Rove was involved, he was active here back then).

When Fisher won the Democratic nomination, he essentially quit campaigning, and Kay Bailey won in a walk.

Fisher is the son in law of ultra-right-wing former congressman Jim Collins, of the Collins Radio Family. I forgot to mention: Also, prior to his appointment to the Dallas Fed, Fisher worked for Kissinger Associates.

I wonder if Professor Krugman, who is interested in the Fed of course, is aware of Fisher’s new prominence.



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