John Graham on the no-fly list (literally)-and he's suing!

From John Graham:

Last month I told you I’d just been put on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Watch List of persons “posing or suspected of posing a threat to civil aviation or national security.” The TSA gave no reasons for putting me on the list and no chance to explain or defend myself. Being on this list means I can be stopped from boarding any airplane anytime-and I pretty much have to fly for a living.

I’m fighting this assault on civil liberties with everything I’ve got-for myself and for the thousands of other innocent people on that list.

Many of you have asked to be updated on my progress.

The article I wrote has been been picked up by over 22,000 websites, sites representing the widest imaginable array of political thinking.

Here at my organization, the Giraffe Heroes Project, we’re fielding calls, setting up interviews, mailing out information–working in every way we can to marshall public opinion in defense of liberty. You can read and watch one of my interviews by clicking here. I’m doing radio talk shows across the country.

I’ve approached 30 of the most relevant Congresspeople and Senators, urging them to amend the Patriot Act and the Intelligence Reform Act to provide a better balance between legitimate security concerns and basic civil liberties.

If I have to, I’ll sue, either on my own or as part of a class action. The ACLU is very interested in the case and I’m trying to generate the same interest on the libertarian right. The flood of mail I’ve gotten so far confirms that alarm about assaults on civil liberties crosses all partisan lines.

This campaign gains momentum daily. Hundreds of staff hours now are going into this cause, draining the resources the Giraffe Heroes Project needs to continue our “regular” work of finding and publicizing real heroes, helping teachers use our classroom materials, and booking speeches and workshops about active citizenship. And this may just be the beginning.

We need to hire some help before we drown.

I’ve already gotten an offer of pro bono legal representation, if it comes to a lawsuit. People who live nearby have asked to come in and stuff envelopes; others have walked up to me asking if it would help to write a check.

Let me tell you what I tell them–yes, sending money would help!

One click puts you on the Giraffe Heroes Project’s donation page.

If sending money through cyberspace is a concern, please send a check to the Giraffe Heroes Project, PO Box 759, Langley WA 98260. Earmark it for the “National Watch List Campaign.” Yes, it’s tax deductible.

Take a stand with us!

John Graham

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