Tucker Carlson's hard-on for terrorism

From Ed Rampell:

Tucker Carlson just said on his July 15 MSNBC “Situation” chat show that he likes the French because 20 years ago they blew up the Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior at Auckland Harbor, which was “a bold and beautiful thing to do.”

A photographer died in this act of state terrorism. The Rainbow Warrior was preparing to sail to French Polynesia to protest France’s nuclear testing program there. French saboteurs/secret DGSE agents (the French CIA) were convicted of manslaughter in New Zealand courts. “Democracy Now” reported on July 14 that it has recently been documented that then-French President Francois Mitterand approved this act of terrorism.

Tucker Carlson is endorsing terrorism and calling it “bold and beautiful.”

Contact MSNBC and NBC to demand that he be held accountable for publicly proclaiming his advocacy of acts of terror. Spread the word.

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Where is the full context of the statement found? I have searched and can’t find any video or text concerning this matter. Before I get into slamming someone I really have to check out the reasons that motivate a negative reaction. So if anyony has found a copy of this dialog would be helpful. I would not put it past someone of his ilk to make such a gross statement, but on the other hand Carlson seems to weigh his words a bit more then other conservatives with in his realm.

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