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To get the Downing Street Memo on the national radar screen,write to these three officies today. (What follows the addresses is the sample letter, recently revised, by Kitty Overton.)

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1. National Public Radio, Ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin
phone: 202-513-2000
fax: 202-513-3329

2. Philadelphia Inquirer, Deputy Managing Editor for News Carl Lavin
phone: 215-854-4562
OR National News Editor Ned Warwick

3. ABC World News Tonight
phone: 212-456-4040
fax: 212-456-2795

According to what is being called The Downing Street Memo, in July 2002 the invasion of Iraq was a foregone conclusion, and our President and his staff intended to manipulate intelligence to justify their plans. If the memo is true – and the British have not denied its veracity – during the lead up to the invasion, President Bush lied again and again to Congress and to the American people in order to persuade us not only that war was necessary, but that he was doing all he could to avoid that “option of last resort”.

This is the story that defines this presidency.

A letter written by John Conyers and co-signed by 88 Congressional Representatives asking President Bush to answer questions about the Downing Street Memo was presented to the President on 5/5/05. Incredibly, it was dismissed out of hand as not worthy of response.

As of 6/5/06, more than 145,000 citizens have signed a similar letter written by John Conyers. (For more information about this issue and an up-to-date count of signatures, please go to )

The country needs answers and the press needs to take up the dialogue. I urge you to begin talking about this crucial matter now.

Thank you,
Kathleen Overton
New York, NY

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