Support Christine Cegelis, Henry Hyde's nemesis!

From Carolyn Kay:

Friends, the Democratic Party power structure is at it again, doing their best to suppress the grassroots.

Christine Cegelis, in 2004, won 44% of the vote against the formidable Henry Hyde with a budget of only $140,000. It may well be that her success in that race convinced Henry to finally announce his resignation.

So did the Democratic Party rush to get behind Christine when she announced she’ll run again in Hyde’s district (Illinois Sixth) in 2006? Absolutely not! The Party is encouraging rich white males to run against her in the primary, thereby drying up potential early contributions in the district–donations that could give her an early jump in the race.

This is a woman who can win. And imagine the bragging rights! PROGRESSIVE WOMAN WINS HENRY HYDE’S CONGRESSIONAL SEAT!

As radio talk show host and former U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Skinner once asked, do we really want to be in the situation again where we run OUR boring white guy against THEIR boring white guy?


The best way to do that is to show financial support NOW for Christine Cegelis.

Here’s what you can do:

* Contribute as much as you possibly can–right now. Don’t wait, please.

* Send this message to as many people as you can, asking them to contribute and to pass the message on, as well.

* If you have a website and/or a mailing list, post a link to Christine’s contributions page, along with the text from this message.

* If you have a radio show, have Christine on as a guest. Her campaign manager is Pat Mogge,, 847-797-8317. Christine is an interesting guest with an interesting story, no matter which district or state you broadcast in.

We just can’t let the Party power structure keep kicking us in the teeth.

Disclaimer: I met with Christine Cegelis once, a few days ago. I do not work for her campaign. It just makes me angry to see a highly qualified candidate like her trampled in the mud by the Democratic Party.

Carolyn Kay

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