Steve Freeman's troubles with

Steve Freeman wrote the following to Oliver Dawshed, Barry at, and me:

Oliver: This is a terrific letter. Thanks for writing it. (I’m not sure what is going on at USVotes; i’ve been on a trip the past week, and am just now sorting through 600 emails.

Mark, Barry: Thanks for spreading the word. A couple other points you might want to know about on this issue:

* They delayed by a full week publication of my response to Baker’s first article, which directly criticized me. Their reason: “Because of the assertions Freeman makes we needed to do some research before deciding to publish it.”

* I inquired, through my agent, about the ethics involved in Baker not even contacting me before publishing the article: “As for Baker contacting Freeman first, his unnamed source is highly credible.”

* After Baker issued his “rebuttal” of my response, Congressman John Conyers, who was also criticized in Baker’s two articles, wrote a response. Tom Paine refused to print it.

Ironic that we need Tom Paine-style methods to combat misinformation.

— Steve

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