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Dear Friends and Family and Enemies whom I like anyway …

Apologies for the group email but … Well, it looks like the [Toronto] Star is taking a chance, on me! It’s giving me it’s very first real-ish blog — short for weblog, or online diary — starting on Monday. It will be about the media, but you know me. Media is just a point of departure.

Here’s the URL: I hope you all click on it, lots. I also hope you find reason to hang around. If you plan to publicly flame me, forget about it. The comments will be turned off, but not because I wanted it that way. The Star just can’t deal with the 24/7 moderating and the likely lawsuits. After all, Canada has very onerous libel laws.


P.S. This comes from my regular work email at Comments on the blog will be addressed to

P.P.S. For all you bloggers, I will be setting up a blogroll as soon as I figure out how.

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